Open workshop!


SPARK Makerlab is a workspace in the middle of Tartu, where every maker, artist, builder, DIY (Do-it-yourself) enthusiast or just a curious person is welcome to make & create!

SPARK Makerlab is a makerspace embodiment in Tartu. A makerspace is a physical place, where you can meet makers-tinkerers-inventors like yourself and make your dreams become a reality.

We offer You the opportunity to make almost anything You desire!
In SPARK Makerlab You can hammer, weld, paint, 3D print, CNC mill, jig saw (note the small caps!), fix a bike, draw, drill, model,  piddle, use an oscilloscope, build a stool or a drone, sew a dress and much more! Sounds like a TV commercial? Wait! There's more!
In addition to hardware, we also provide you with necessary materials and electronic components. Plus! There are experienced people around who can advise You and if You're feeling hungry, there's a cafeteria right next to us and a comfortable sofa waiting for You in our leisure/kitchen corner.

But what's most important: SPARK MakerLab is a place
where You can meet enthusiastic makers like Yourself!

SPARK Makerlab’s tools

  • 3D printer Flashforge Creator pro (2)
  • Vacuum forming machine
  • Metal mill
  • Kemppi welder
  • Drill press
  • Numerous glue guns
  • Badge press
  • Soldering stations (3)
  • Sewing machine
  • Acrylic paints
  • Universal tools (hammers, saws, spanners etc)

Bosch tools

Cordless drill GSR 10,8
Cordless drill GSR 18
Eccentric grinder GEX 125-150
Cordless grinder GWS 11-125
Cordless grinder GWS 18-125
Cordless table saw GKS 18
Cordless jig saw GST 150 BCE
Cordless jig saw GST 18 V
Multifunction router GMF 1600
Planer GHO 26-82 D
Angle saw GCM 800 SJ
Table saw GTS 10 J
Heat turbine GHG 660 LCD
Vacuum GAS 35 L AFC
Drill press PDB 40
Cordless Glue Pen
Glue gun PKP 18 E XSD
Cordless stapler PTK 3.6
PWB 600 work bench
Moto-Saw (MS20-1/5)
Dremel 9100 fortiflex
Dremel Micro 7,2V universal router
Dremel 3000-5/75, 5 Star Kit router
Dremel 4200 universal router